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deek -- gone dikay. >>> the team dubbed the barefoot bandit makes his first appearance in a u.s. courtroom today. colton harris-moore was extradited to the u.s. from the bahamas. he is charged with committing a two-year string of break-ins and theft. >>> harris-moore, arriving in miami. back in u.s. soil for the first time in nine days. awaiting his next court hearing. as the 19-year-old faces charges for a two-year crime spree that spanned at least nine states and canada. accused of burglarizing at least 100 homes. and stealing five planes. >> i absolutely expect him to spend time behind bars. these are serious times, especially stealing planes and crashing planes. that is not taken lightly in the united states. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, bound in shackles, but with shoes this time, the barefoot bandit was led away from a bahamian court. after only being charged with and pleading guilty to illegal entry. he paid a $300 fine which was picked up by the u.s. embassy. >> well, we tried to get this. >> reporter: this, despite a gun-carrying crime wave in paradise, that alleg
with the white house, publishing them gives new details on how the u.s. gathers intelligence >> they try to pull out what they can and i wouldn't be surprised if some get killed. >> reporter: the founder says it's just the beginning. the team is reviewing 15,000 war documents before releasing them. joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news >> the state department says that the president of afghanistan and pakistan were notify over the weekend that the documents were about to be made public. >>> we'll soon find out the cause of the accident that killed 9 people last june. the safety board will hear from investigators tomorrow. it will make recommendations on how to avoid a similar accidents. it's working to comply with the recommendations that will come of tomorrow's meeting. >>> a man has been struck and killed, his body found yesterday near the station north of chevy chase. officials are investigating the death, but the man has not been identified. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >>> not much to get in your way if you're heading out.
decision. can the u.s. appeal the decision. >> it was shocking. i'm running across the street and screaming. >> horrifying scene, a man throws his baby into oncoming traffic. >> cleaning up baltimore with stimulus money. see how taxpayer money is being spent. that is coming up. >>> threatening weather moves across maryland, get your updated forecast on wjz.com. ,, [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. a horrible act witnessed by residents including an off-duty police officer. a child a thrown into the street. an officer saw the man violently shake the child and throw her into oncoming traffic. she was run over but she recovered >> it was incredibly shocking. i'm running across the street and i'm screaming, it was horrifying >> police had to use a tase tore subdue the father and he was taken to jail on child en child endangerment >> some marylanders are working. >> reporter: gardener was unemployed until february when he
's second largest economy. still, the per capita is just a fraction of the u.s. number at about $46,000 a year. >>> according to the world bank, the chinese economy could overtake this. >>> disney says it will sir miramax for more than a half a billion dollars. disney has signed an agreement to sell the studio to an investor group for $660 million. >>> still resonated with family- friendly studios. like pixar and marvel. >>> and headed east for chelsea clinton's wedding. steven spielberg and barbra barbara barbra streisand are some expected to attend. the floral bill alone could be as high as $250,000. for now, that's your money watch. log onto cbs money watch.com. in new york, i'm allison alison harmelin. >>> coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. gun rights. the same witness sets its sight on maryland. the lawsuit filed in charm city. >>> i'm ron matz at the junior league of baltimore. if you're looking for women's shoes, we've got them this weekend. the big sale, a preview coming up right here on wjz. >>> a lovely friday afternoon. but what about the weekend? meteorologist tim wil
on classmates and gather intelligence on u.s.-foreign policy. here in arlington, a couple lived in this quiet apartment complex as working dad and stay-at-home mom and they are now charged with being foreign agents. >> this takes an investment of a lot of time and money to put them in place, support them in place >> reporter: they've been undercover -- since the 1990s, but they don't think any information was stolen. on the mediterranean nation, another one of the accused secret agents is on the run. >>> the justice department says it presented only a fraction of the evidence it has against the spies >> i think it is safe to say that weather in baltimore doesn't get much better than this, skies are blue, sun is shining, temperatures are just perfect. we have weather and traffic together. we'll go to bob in the first-warning weather center. >>> looking at radar, nothing. spectacular weather. very dry and low-humidity weather. a nice breeze out there. let's look at june, it was believe it or not, the second warmest june on record. that's why your electric bill is so high. 78.8 degrees was the
some breaking news from new york, where a surprise plea set up a massive russian u.s.-spy swap. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> fight breaks out in taiwan's parliament today. legislators threw things, splashed water and kicked each other. taiwan's parliament, which is split between two major political factions often get into physical brawls. >>> a fight between don johnson and three entertainment companies ends in johnson's favor. you'll remember him from "miami quite vies." a -- vice ." a jury awards him $23 million in the series nash bridges. he was set to receive 50% of the royalties. johnson says the victory means more to him on a personal level because he is getting credit for his ideas. >> he gets a lot of credit for his outfits, as well. those suits. >>> and emmy nominations are announced. sandra hughes relates -- reports on who got the nod. >> the run away hit "glee" about a high school performance group that performs everything from van halen to beyonce, captured 19 emmy nominations. it's caustic cheer coach, jane lynch, was nominated for best supporting actress for a comedy.
discovered in an fbi bust are back in moscow, and four russians are in u.s. hands. whit johnson reports for wjz, this plan was in the works close to a month ago. >> reporter: this plane landed in moscow friday. loaded with 10 russian spies caught within the u.s. two planes sat on the tarmac. the 10 secret agents working for russia were on one. four russians wanted for shipping information to the u.s. were on the other. once the trade was made, those four headed to a military interview in london. in an interview with face the nation, u.s. attorney general eric holder said we got a good deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap so we got back four people in russia, charged with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western count reese. >> reporter: they say the cia director personally worked out details with his swap. once they had it, president obama personally okayed the deal. >> they acted as unregistered agents of a foreign country. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. but like the others, she'll have to start a new life in russia. >> i think s
, coming up. >>> the body of a second u.s. sailor is recovered by nato forces. what the military is saying about where he was found and what he was doing in the dangerous province. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with vic after this. , [ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. >>> it is 4:30. 81 degrees and rainy on tv hill. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. denise is off today. here's what people were talking about. we had storms moving through the maryland area this afternoon. outside right now, it's raining in north baltimore. and the sky is filled with dark clouds. parts of maryland remain under thunderstorm watches and flash flood warnings tonight. bob is here from updated numbers. >> that flash flood warning is going for a portion of southern baltimore county and the city until 6:00. you can't get rain earlier. take a look at radar. that's one particular cell over this city. we'll take a look at
into the u.s. for ill legal immigrants. >>> back here a 14-year-old teen has been charged with murder ing a teacher at a juvenile detention facility. we're live to explain whether or not the teen will be tried as a juvenile or an adult. >> the hearing was a juvenile equal of an adult arraignment. the boy is charged as a juvenile. he is a detainee in february when he was arrested for beating a teacher to death. the body of hanna wheeling was found outside of a building partially clothed. the cause of death is blunt force trauma. they want to use as an adult that carries more serious penalties up to life without parole. >> thank you. the judge ordered the 14-year- old to be held until the next hearing in the case august 27th. >>> just hours ago a man charged with kill ing a johns hopkins researcher faced a judge. and we report from central booking where mike hellgren has new developments in the case and comments from the mayor. >> reporter: a judge denied john wagner bail saying he is a risk to public safety and has a disregard for life. the judge ordered a suicide risk evaluation and ment
with extend to other commuter services such as buses, subway and ferry. >>> traj dpi in a baltimore bar. a u.s. marine has been killed in a late night shooting. denise has more. >> reporter: the active duty marine was 236-year-old chase henry love from new orleans. less say he was celebrating his deployment to afghanistan with fellow marines at a club on baltimore street. a fight broke out and the young man was shot on the dance floor just after 3:00 this morning. no gun was found. police have no suspects. on june 5th, a marine, tyrone brown was killed outside a baltimore city nightclub. >>> thank you. in january a marine from potomac was stabbed to death after a house party in northeast baltimore. >>> a young man in brooklyn park was found shot to death. shots rang out at 5:30 last night on audrey avenue. witnesses saw two people fleeing from the scene. those two suspects are still at large no a suspicious death under investigation in baltimore county. officers in essex found a young man suffering in -- from a gunshot wound on 900 block of sandalwood road. no record on a -- word on a suspect.
. >> reporter: thousands of people logged onto the u.s. geological survey website to report feeling the quake. some from as far away as pennsylvania and west virginia. >> i've never actually ever experienced an earthquake so to feel something shake like that was a little different. >> reporter: there could be more. earthquake experts warn smaller after shocks could hit the region in the next few days. >> in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> our complete coverage continues with tim williams and more from the weather center. >>> we have a bit of an idea where this epicenter was located. you heard joel brown talk about it being just outside, 20 miles outside the capital. it is located around the 270 corridor, where the route 119 meets it. it is about 3.1 miles deep. so a very shallow earthquake as far as earthquakes go. and 3.6, it was the strongest to hit maryland, as joel brown mentioned, the usgs started keeping records back about 40 years ago. it happened about 5:04 in the morning. how does it rank among the other quakes we've had in this area? well, there was a 2.5 that hit th
legislation to president obama with sweeping new legislation that would create new protects for millions of u.s. consumers. it was passed 60-39. it comes two years after the financial meltdown pushed the economy into the recession. stocks snapped their seven-day winning streak. also, two new reports today showed a slowdown in manufacturing. that overshad dowed strong profits from jpmorgan chase. according to realty track foreclosures climbed 38% this year alone has lenders went through a backlog of borrowers. falling consumer confidence and high unemployment continued to hold back the recovery. apple will hold a press conference tomorrow. tech analysts expect apple will announce a recall of the latest iphone. dropped calls have been widespread and apple has been under pressure to find a fix. that's your money watch. >>> one person's trash is another person's treasure as one ohio woman found out. the woman who lives in lebron james' hometown of ac ran bought a diamond studded pendant at a yard sale. the woman saved up to vast pendant appraised. out of her $5 investment, it's worth $10,000. she's
bandit pleads guilty in the bahamas today. he is expected to be deported soon to the u.s. to face prosecution. the barefoot bandit was wearing shoes taken out of the courtroom in the bahamas. authorities expected to escort him to the u.s. police say he crash landed a stolen plane last week. he's accused of breaking into 7 homes and businesses in the bahamas, but officials decided not to prosecute and instead hand him over to authorities. he escape to the washington state halfway house and started committing crimes >> they chase him down and they shot the motors out on the boat and and rehanded him >> they was taken into custody barefoot. the mother was happy to find out her son wasn't hurt >> he is safe and i'm happy and i love him and i miss him. >> federal authorities say he will be taken to florida and flown to washington state where his crime spree started. >> the extradition process could take two to three weeks >> a teenager recovering after having his arm bitten off by a alligator. he slipped in and fell a canal. the gator grabbed him and pulled him under water. the frien
promise to double u.s. exports over the next five years. president obama says that sales abroad are already up 17% in the first four months of the year. >>> u.s. auto giant ford motor company is using soy oil to develop new rubber car parts that use less petroleum. the car maker plans to use soy rubber in everything from cup holders to floor mats. it already uses soy rubber for the heats and backs in a couple of models. >>> slowing upload speeds on the latest iphones. apple has already acknowledged other problems with the iphone for holding it a certain way can reduce reception. the phones are showing the wrong signal strength in some areas. at&t says a fix is in the works. for all of your business news, log onto cbs money wall -- cbs money watch.com. i'm alison harmelin. >>> how it will keep millions of passengers with disabilities. >>> i'm ron matz in annapolis. and this is grim. an 80-pound, crime-fighting machine. his amazing story coming up right here on wjz. >> he's a cute doggie. a live look outside. you may want to stay inside. when will we cool off? updated first warni
the decision. he was released from a jail with cancer last year. four u.s. senators asked the state department to investigate if bp pressured the lawmakers to seek access to oil fields. >>> charlie d'agata has more on a train crash. >> reporter: rescuers tried to save anyone they could after a deadly train crash in india. the indian officials say that could be an act of sabotage. more than 60 people were killed early monday when a speeding express train plowed into a passenger train as it was leaving the station. he says that the train was hit fiercely, bodies piled up on top of each other. the force was powerful and it forced the roof of one car over a bridge. the trapped survivers gave desperate signs of life. more than a hundred were injured. >> he says he was on the train and it kept moving after he was hit. when they claimed off, they saw bodies lying everywhere. >> reporter: it's the second major train crash in india in less than two months making them suspicious of sabotage rebels were blamed for a train derailment that killed 145 in may. someone may have tampered with the signals and a
. the u.s. is scheduled to reduce the amount of troops before september. >>> american forces in afghanistan have a new commander. petraeus took the reigns sunday and he's pledging to get the job done. >> reporter: the man credited with turning around the war in iraq plans to do the same in afghanistan. >> we're in this to win, that's the clear objective. >> reporter: general david petraeus took command of the 130,000 international forces sunday. he admitted it may be tough, but it's more important now than ever to drive the militants out of the country. >> we must demonstrate that al- qaeda and the networks of extremist allies won't be allowed to establish cang wares in -- sanctuaries in afghanistan. >> reporter: june was the deadliest month with 60 troops killed. and according to the polls, the support is falling. >> reporter: he's under pressure to show results and the white house will pull out troops next july. >> i worry about the july of 2011 confirmed date. >> reporter: senator mccain and others slammed the dead line sunday. they worry the date would raise doubts about
of baghdad. the documents covered the year 2004 to 2009 and described in detail why the u.s. is in so much trouble in afghanistan. they are been fighting with too few troops and causing too many civilian casualties. pakistan is an uncertain ally that at times supported the same taliban killing american soldiers. they call it one thing after another >> this is the story of the war since 2004. most of the deaths in this war are as a result of the everyday war. >> the pentagon begin a full criminal probe of the leaks president obama and lawmakers are trying to down play the significance of the classified information >>> a man involve in philadelphia's duck tour boat crash is refusing to speak to investigators and today we know why. he fears that his client could face federal felony charges over the accident. the tug boat set off the crash that sent passengers into the water and killed two young tourists from hungry. >>> in the consumer watch, the death of an infant prompts a baby seat recall. mary bubala has more on the risk it poses >> reporter: it's a baby recliner called the nap nannie. in
incident unfolded at the ramada. baltimore county police and the u.s. secret service had been monitoring a money counterfeiting ring that had set up shop on the floor. the three men inside somehow found out police were onto them. police say one of them pulled out his weapon, and fired at detectives, who fired back, killing him. the gun battle stunned guests. >> i hear cussing first. and next thing you know, i hear probably like nine rounds. and my husband, he said, get down on the floor. >> i said, what happened? >> i said, are they going to hear? because they were right next to the door. >> the other two men fled. but county police quickly caught them. >> one was apprehended in the parking lot of the hilton. the second was apprehended under a trailer next to a trailer at the target. >> they found printing equipment and counterfeit money in the room. they could not say how much investigation was going on. what possibly tipped off the men or how wide-ranging the counterfeit was. no operations were injured. >> i was really scared because i really don't have a name on it. so i was terrified
. but the gain started evaporating after disappointing news. the pace of growth slowed. 80% of u.s. employment. >>> bp's stock jumped more than 6%. the company announced it has no plan to help issue money for the gulf cleanup. that's good news for investors who were worried their investments would be diluted. the cleanup for the oil spill has topped $3 billion. >>> at the time the car maker didn't think the defect warranted a recall. but yesterday, toyota announced it would be recalling about 270,000 vehicles to replace the valve springs. >>> prices at the pump are heading lower after the weekend. and that trend is likely to continue. the national average for a gallon of gasoline is about $2.72 cents. for all of your business headlines, log onto cbs money watch.com. in new york, i'm alison harmelin. >>> governor martin o'malley is touring the state with his jobs across immediated in -- maryland. the governor visited the recently expanded headquarters of underarmour. 140,000 square feet, to be exact. the sports apparel company employs -- employs more than 800 and more than 1500 across maryland.
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